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About Us

Stronger Nurse Network is not just another networking site for nurses - it's a place where new and aspiring travel nurses can connect with each other and share resources. It's a supportive environment to help you discover the best parts of yourself!

Why You Should Join Us

By joining the Stronger Nurse Network you will;

  • Unlock exclusive content, CEU's, expert perspectives and conversations to help you thrive in your travel nursing career like a pro. 
  • Cultivate new friendships with Stronger Nurses across the world in destinations you want to explore. 
  • Gain access to private agency/hospital review groups.
  • Be the first to know about travel nurse friendly housing opportunities provided by Stronger Nurse Network.  
  • Be invited to an exclusive AMA with a special guest just for my subscribers where we will answer questions about mental health, finances, emotions, fitness, relationships or travel nursing. 
  • Learn financial independence by accessing content created in collaboration with wealth experts so that you can establish your own foundation for a legacy of wealth. 
  • Establish a mindfulness practice with live group meditation sessions that will help you establish a mindful meditation practice and strengthen your mind.
  • Better manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.
  • Receive step-by-step tutorials, infographics and other resources that will help you make a Stronger Nurse lifestyle guide so that you can evaluate the incremental changes to your self-care routine that results in a stronger body and mind.

Stronger Nurse Network is a community where we can come together and share our experiences in order to help each other grow into stronger nurses- both now, and for years down the line. The members are able to help each other cover any gaps they may encounter on this journey by sharing information or offering advice from personal experience - this is a safe space for nurses just like you.

A Big Thank You

As a token of my appreciation for your generous support, you will receive:

  • Early access to exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, announcements or promotions before they are shared on other social media channels. 
  • Shoutouts on social media, in Nurse Hacks weekly newsletter or be a featured guest on the Nurse Hacks podcast
  • Membership in exclusive Private Tribes
  • Discounted access to our courses, CEU's and content 
  • Monthly raffle entry for free Stronger Nurse swag 
  • Discount off Stronger Nurse Streetwear
  • Weekly office hours   
  • Discounted members rate on 1:1 coaching
  • Monthly AMA webinars hosted with an expert guest.
  • Free access to our live group meditation sessions  
  • Free tickets to Stronger Nurse hosted events 
  • Discounted members rate on Stronger Nurse Network's exclusive travel nurse housing.

About Me

For the last 14 years, I've been an ICU travel nurse and nursepreneur living in Dallas, TX. I’m passionate about educating aspiring nurses and new graduate nurses to create and maintain a work-life balance so they will thrive in a career as a travel nurse. That’s why I worked hard to build the first global social network for new and aspiring travel nurses starting in 2021. Today, I’m building the Stronger Nurse Network to connect current and future travel nurses so they can make everlasting friendships with other Stronger Nurses around the world.